ABRAMSON LAW is a premier boutique law firm that specializes in providing legal solutions to business owners and real estate holders.

Every day, we help innovators create businesses, buy businesses, maintain, protect, defend, grow and sell their businesses.
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Every day, we help entrepreneurs

FORM THE RIGHT BUSINESS STRUCTURE FOR THEIR BUSINESS, whether as a sole proprietorship using a fictitious business name, a limited or general partnership, a limited liability company (LLC), S corporation or C corporation- we make sure your business structure makes sense for your business plan.

BUY AND SELL THEIR BUSINESS, ensuring that the process is done correctly and as smoothly as possible to provide the best value and protection to our clients.

PROTECT THEIR BUSINESS INTERESTS BY DRAFTING THE APPROPRIATE COMPANY DOCUMENTS AND AGREEMENTS  All of our documents are custom tailored to best fit your business needs and goals. In addition to some of the most crucial company documents like bylaws or an operating agreement or partnership agreement, we also provide website development agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, lease agreements, work for hire agreements and management agreements and other important documents, specific and relevant to the business needs.

PROTECT THEIR BRAND, CONTENT, AND OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY with federal and state trademark searches and registrations.

CREATE, BUY AND SELL RESTAURANTS AND BARS, navigating through the complex California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) regulations, license escrows and bulk sales laws to ensure a smooth and fast formation, purchase or sale of a business required to be licensed by the California ABC.

FORM LLCS FOR REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES to provide our clients the maximum protection for their real estate holdings.

CREATE AND REVIEW LEASE AGREEMENTS, residential and commercial.

GROW THEIR BUSINESS BY RAISING CAPITAL from individuals and businesses based on private placement memorandum (PPM) and stock purchase agreements we’ve drafted.